A Day in the life


A day in the life…
We begin our day bright and early at 7:30. Children are welcomed and offered healthy morning snacks of fruit, yogurt, cereal or other tasty breakfast items. We play and explore through free choice activities such as puzzles, dress-up, play-doh, drawing, or blocks. During this time children enjoy the freedom to play alone, alongside another child or with a friend.
As more friends begin to arrive we break into our daily groups: Toddlers, Two’s, and Preschoolers. Teachers enjoy planning a curriculum that includes a variety of play environments and activities within a theme. Monthly themes are created based on the children’s interests and allow flexibility to grow and change as they learn and explore within the activities of the month. We will often kick off or wrap up a thematic unit with a field trip or parent potluck. For example, our Jungle Unit begins with a trip to the Oakland Zoo. This enables the children to connect real life experiences with books, pictures and activities that they may see in their classrooms. Children excel through being physically, socially, cognitively, and artistically active. Our curriculum challenges the children to question, experiment, explore and learn new things every month.
Children benefit from a schedule that is familiar and predictable, but offers some flexibility as well. Our schedule offers both balance and variety while maintaining a predictable pattern that children can rely on. Our morning includes Group Circle time (including daily concepts, stories, songs and games), Center Time (art, math and writing activities), and Recess (gross motor activities such as bike riding, balancing, sand play and more). While playing we learn how to work independently, take turns, share, and play cooperatively with others.
We offer a variety of activities in the afternoons including Soccer Shots and Music Lessons. When we aren’t busy with our regularly scheduled extracurricular activities, we are busy on the playground! We encourage climbing, running, jumping, bouncing balls, and crawling through tunnels to help our children develop large muscle control, motor coordination, and balance. We also love gardening. We play hard and work up an appetite, so an afternoon snack is just what we need. Organic fruits, finger sandwiches or other healthy snacks help keep us going until the end of the day.
As our day comes to an end the children assist in the cleanup of their toys and activities, building skills such as responsibility and respect for their environment. A third and final snack is offered to children as an option if they need something to tide them over until dinnertime. We end our day with songs, stories and free play as we begin to welcome parents for pick up.
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